The Story of Wonder Escape
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Who We Are

We curate personalized journeys in Spain that go beyond all clichés. We customize for you a seamless, stress-free and an unforgettable itinerary with every detail in mind: from most authentic local interactions to best accommodations; most reliable transportations to unique experiences and insider access that set your trip apart from all others. Our mission is not to merely plan a vacation, but a transformative experience that lasts a lifetime. This is why we call ourselves destination masters.

Our Philosophy

We love to travel, hunt for hidden gems and share our experiences. We love to tastefully mix and match.  We love classic elegance. We love rock chic. Above all, we love style. We combine the trendiest spots with the most authentic and the glamorous with old world charm. We pair Michelin-star dining with inspiring street food; quirky spaces with contemporary design.

We love colorful characters. We make sure that you encounter some along your journey and share a genuine memory together. We take you on a romantic getaway and also a sporadic escape that fulfills the quest for adventure that lives us in all. Passion, compassion and humor are important to us. We leave some room for surprise and that unexpected becomes the very secret of a fabulous trip. We represent the new era in travel where there are no strict rules.

Our Services

We provide a range of services to both leisure and corporate travelers, as well as discerning epicureans, bon-vivants and adventurists. We offer made-to-order travel planning services, half and full day tours, overnight private tours, independent tours, and VIP experiences. Wonder Escape collaborates with connoisseurs of different fields. Our itineraries and daily tours are curated by local experts.

  • Romantic Toasts
  • Family Time
  • Special Celebrations
  • Food & Wine excursions
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Adventure Pursuits
  • Transformative travel
  • Creative business events

About the Founder

Sinan is the founder of Wonder Escape. He is also the founder of Istanbul Tour Studio (, a bespoke travel agency specialized in Turkey. He was born into a family dedicated to travel industry: his father, sister and brother are all certified travel consultants and it is no surprise that he himself has become one after completing his studies. Given his family background, he started travelling extensively at a very early stage in life. In time, for Sinan, travel has become not only a vocation but an endless passion. He studied both in Turkey and Spain and excelled in languages including English, Spanish and Turkish. He has lived between Istanbul, La Coruna and Barcelona and developed a deep interest into the Spanish culture. All his studies and journeys made him a true global citizen, appreciating and enjoying differences in cultures. He brings to the travel industry a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and an extensive experience with VIP guests from all over the globe. Sinan is a real foodie and an adventurists at heart; there is nothing he would shy away from trying. He practices Jiu-Jutsu and mixed martial arts. He loves photography and shooting videos. Nowadays, he is very much into the fresh ideas that virtual reality introduces to the hospitality business.

Sinan Sökmen with Karlos Arguiñano

Why Choose Wonder Escape?

We work with the best in each field

Wonder Escape collaborates with connoisseurs of different fields. Our itineraries and daily tours are curated by local experts. At the same time, our operations staff work diligently behind the scenes to make sure that every experience is a lasting memory.

We offer only personally tried, tested and approved itineraries

We are devoted travelers and we handpick itineraries only from our own experience: where we liked to stay most; which restaurant we enjoyed the best; which dish tasted more delicious; where we danced nonchalantly, which museum met our expectations and who we loved hanging out with most… We put all our insider information to your service.

Free Independent Travelers Prefer Us

Our company is FIT (Free Independent Traveler) friendly. We cater needs and interests of independent travelers who do not want to be part of traditional guided tours and who are looking for unique local experiences.

No Details are Missed

We always guarantee that you are at the right place at the right time. We unlock the secrets of Spain just for you. No details are missed and our clients appreciate the smooth flow throughout their visits.

Passionate Team & Great Story Tellers

Our team consists of passionate and sophisticated professionals. All of our guides are knowledgeable and great story-tellers. Our well traveled associates advise on the best itineraries from experience.

Responsive and Flexible

Our team is available at your service both day and night to ensure a professional and high quality of service. You can contact us via phone, mail, text SMS, Skype or even WhatsApp. You are guaranteed an instant reply.

Creativity and taste

We put all our creativity and passion in what we do. We understand your taste and devise a trip that suits your personal style.

Meaningful encounters

We love to open doors for you. Our extensive network of colorful characters, ranging from leading chefs to fashion designers, wine makers to artists, historians to famous journalists and so on let you capture the true soul of the lands you travel.