Travel Planning

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Travel Planning Process

1. Initial conversation

We start with an initial conversation. We want to know your passions and who you are as people. We inquire about your travel preferences and your past travel experiences in order to understand what would work best for you. If you have already existing plans, we will discuss how to incorporate them. This initial dialogue also allows you to learn about us. It is essential that you trust us with your travel arrangements.

2. Choose a service

If you agree to proceed, you choose a service based on the length of your stay. (For service fee structure, please see below)

3. Skype meeting

Next, we organise a 30 minute Skype meeting (chat or email are also options) to discuss details of your trip, your budget and other priorities.

4. Draft delivery

We draft your daily travel plan and send a PDF including places to stay, must-see sights, hidden-gems, stand out restaurants and special activities.

5. Follow-up meeting

A follow up Skype meeting is organised when you can ask for changes and updates.

6. Just 5 days!

We finalize your travel itinerary within 5 business days and submit it you.

6. Additional discounts!

If you choose to also book with us, you can use our additional concierge service, which offers up to 35 % discount on hotel rates and up to 15% discount on activity bookings.

What's included?

  1. Tailor-made itinerary based on our intimate knowledge and personal insider connections (a balanced mix of locals-only hidden gems, hand-picked must-sees, boutique shopping, hottest restaurants… etc.)
  2. Recommendation of top-rated guides
  3. Activity booking support
  4. Restaurant reservations (all personally tried and tested)
  5. Hotel recommendations
  6. Complimentary amenities, which may include upgrades, bonus savings, exclusive privileges
  7. Two rounds of revisions
  8. 24 hour response time, delivery in 5 to 7 days

Book now!

  • Curated Weekend Trip

  • $99

    • 1 to 3 days curated itinerary

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  • Curated Weekend Trip

  • $179

    • 4 to 7 days curated itinerary

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  • Curated Weekend Trip

  • $249

    • 8 to 14 days curated itinerary

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