The best wine museum in Spain: Dinastia Vivanco

Dinastia Vivanco Museum

The best wine museum in Spain: Dinastia Vivanco

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This is the best wine museum you will find in Spain (actually we have not seen a better one in the world) It takes you through a great journey of history of winemaking, the origins of Rioja grapes and wine, fermentation, barreling, corking and ageing processes. There are interesting videos that accompany the visit. At the end, you will see the world’s largest collection of corkscrews, thanks to the special dedication and interest of the founder Pedro Vivanco. The museum also has a restaurant, serving delicious food overlooking some of the best sceneries in Rioja. We recommend you to visit this museum at the start of your visit to Rioja as it helps you to familiarize yourself with the delicate details of winemaking and makes you appreciate more what you are about to see in the days ahead.

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