The other Rioja beyond the wine

The other Rioja beyond the wine

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Is this beloved wine region all about the best reds? What to see in la Rioja? While planning your trip to Rioja, here are some other Rioja points of interest that you should not miss.

1- Visit UNESCO World Heritage monasteries and marvelous old churches: The two most important monasteries that are worth visiting are Suso Monastery and Yuso Monastery in San Millán de la Cogolla. Yuso is considered to be the birthplace of modern day Spanish language, as first words in Castilian (Castellano) Spanish were written in Yuso in the 10th century. A pilgrimage destination since the 6th century, a picturesque Romanesque church still stands at San Millan Suso Monastery. Yuso Monastery still houses a living community of monks. As Unesco declares, these sites constitute an “exceptional testimony to the introduction and continous survival of Christian monasticism.”

2- Eat some of the best tapas in Spain: Visit Calle Laurel and Calle Juan in Logrono for some of the best tapas bars in Spain. Calle Laurel is more touristy, while Calle Juan is local’s favourite place to hang out. Both has impressive tapas bars specializing in different delicacies such as meat skewers, roast suckling pig and quail eggs.

3- Get out in the nature and enjoy the breathtaking scenery! Rioja is a beautiful territory and it deserves to be explored in every way possible: Hiking, biking, on squads or even hot air ballooning! Who does not want to enjoy a glass of wine 1000 meters above the River Ebro?

4- Walk with the pilgrims of Camino de Santiago! Two of the important routes of Camino de Santiago meet at Logroño, the capital of the region. This unique pilgrimage road in honor of St James cuts through La Rioja before it heads west towards Castilla y Leon.

5- Discover the walled medieval town of Laguardia. Visit the famous church of Santa Maria de los Reyes, which also has a lovely garden overlooking the valley of Rioja. San Juan Gate, one of the entry points to the city is a beautiful example of Gothic 14th century watchtower. It is fully conserved in its original state. The church of Santa María de Berberana is also worth a visit. Just outside of the walls of the city, there are a number of miradors, where you can sit and enjoy the stunning views. Beware, Santa Maria de los Reyes closes its doors at 7 pm.

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